Frecuently Asked Questions


If i'm not sure that I can use VR for my business, Can you give me advisement?

Yes, we offer consultancy to help you develop your idea with our technology.

Where can I get a VR headset? Are they sold separately?

The headset is provided by us with its due warranty with the package of the application.


Should I get a special computer for this?

Yes, the app is an executable file that can run in any "VR ready"* laptop or PC.


If I have a problem with my software can you help me?

We can offer any help you need if there is a problem with an app developed by us. If the problem is within the headset, then your warranty will be checked and made valid directly with the provider.


I'm interested in your services, can I apply for a test?

You can contact us and we will make an appointment for you to enjoy a VR experience!


*This may not apply for certain proyects